Saturday, September 6, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle

Arriving in the Amazon rainforest on the Tambopata river. 3 hours up river in a longboat from Puerto Maldanado. The rainforest experience was fantastic with monkeys, capybarras (worlds largest rodent), bugs of every kind, parrots and caymans. Our ¨hotel¨room was with only 3 walls, with the open wall facing the jungle. We had lots of visitors in the night... mostly bugs and frogs. Lots of guided walks in the jungle and night bug hunts. The lodge was excellent with a kids rainforest trail where they searched for treasure and learned conservation. The kids made great friends with a local boy at the lodge and played for hours even though they didnt speak the same language. The guides were great with the kids and every evening dozens of people from all over the world gathered in the lodge to swap stories while the kids played in hammoks watching toucans. (amazing what actually happens when there is no TV) more to come soon...

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