Monday, September 28, 2009

New York - Culinary Cornucopia

I always loved that commercial where the cowboy said, "Where is this other salsa made...New York City?" Except that NYC sounded more exciting to me than camping out on the range with the cow hands. And wouldn't some of the best salsa in the States come from a place with "towns" named after countries from all over the world due to the cornucopia of immigrants there? Recently I got a chance to put my excellent food theory to the test on a trip filming Travel With Kids: New York.

Of course, the foods I was sampling weren't exactly considered gourmet (I was with kids after all), but its amazing how great a hot dog can taste from a cart in Central Park or a slice of pizza from the right Ray's Pizza. The kids found it fascinating too...a culinary feast for the senses to be sure. A visit to the Natural History museum topped with a stroll through Central Park eating hot dogs. Soaking in the surreal lights of Times Square after lifting off with chicken nuggets at Mars 2112...out of this world! Bargaining our way through the stalls of Chinatown (and bypassing the dead ducks hanging in the windows) to sit at an outdoor cafe scarfing pizza and sorbet in Little Italy. New York has it and otherwise. We visited all the famous monuments...Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, FAO Schwartz, the U.N. as well as a few less visited. I think the kids favorite attraction was the subway though. Not a bad deal...$1 for endless entertainment. Kids or no kids, New York is a magical destination. So, I ask you...what `re your favorite New York pairings...cinnamon almonds and FAO Schwartz, hot pretzel and Rockefeller ice skating, rocket pops and a stroll through Central Park Zoo? Delight us with your culinary duos! To see what we did on our trip to New York, visit or for a quick sample visit us on YouTube/TravelWithKids

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